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  • Final original Certificate and 2 attested copies of the qualifying examinations (S.S.L.G., Plus Two) Original and two attested copies of TC, Conduct Certificate.
  • One passport size photograph to be pasted in the space reserved and 2 photos to be given to the office.


  • College starts 8.45 a.m. Those who come late must pay a fine of Rs. 10- per day
  • Students are not allowed to go out of the college during class hours
  • Students should send this form properly filled, to the Principal. The form should be accampanied by a registration fee of Rs. 50 H Application torm without the registration fee will not be accepted.
  • if a student does not have 95% of attendance, a fine of Rs 250- will be collected
  • Any student who is absent continuousty for a period of one week, should present a medical ceritificate
  • The names of those who are absent continuously for 2 weekS without nforming the college authorites, will be struck off the rolls. The college need not give any notice.
  • The fees can be paid in 2 installments. First installment during registration, 2nd instaliment before 15th September. Failure to pay before the due date will result in a fine of Rs. 10- per day.
  • Students joining the College are required to observe the Rules and Regulations of the College to the satisfaction of the Principal whose decision shall be final in all matters.
  • In the case of withdrawal, or failure to attend the College, Fees will not be refunded. on any account

I agree to abide by the rules of the college.

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