To establish a society of equality, where women become partakers in building up a just society through economic independence.

Our Founder held the fond dream and vision of providing the ways and means to empower  poor women in need and their families, and thereby the entire society by making arrangements for sponsorship and aid. It was by no means an easy task to work out how to make this dream and vision come true. However as some once said, “When the world says ‘give up’, Hope whispers, ‘Try it one more time…’” and this was the principle our Founder adopted. She sat down to analyze how she could successfully accomplish the fulfillment of this dream, so that an entire society and its thinking could be changed by empowering the women in it. She decided that the first step would be to undertake the economic uplift of the family.


Integrated development of women and children, especially the poor and the deprived through empowerment, economic independence and self reliance.

We focus on empower through education, skill training and economic independence.


 “You can tell the condition of a nation by looking at the status of its women” –Jawaharlal Nehru

Our primary goal is to raise the status of women as individuals empowered in every sense whether in respect of social status, economic independence, mental strength or their ability to discern. Once this goal is achieved, they will be able to support the social system to have stable families, with better education for children, to communicate values to the future generations.