VIMALALAYAM, was established as a registered social service society in the year 1961 by the Congregation of the Daughters of the Heart of Mary (DHMs), with the purpose to empower women belonging to the lower strata of society, in and around Ernakulam. We have extended our services to the few economically backward islands of  Moolampilly, Kothad and Kadamakudy for the past many decades. We have been supporting the locals to find their means of livelihood.  Traditionally these people were fishermen and pot-makers. Women were mainly house wives supporting their men in their work. With  the arrival of aluminum and plastic pots traditional clay pots are fast disappearing. Through our encouragement we could help them move into other  jobs and become  masons, daily workers etc. The women are given training in stitching, cutting and  tailoring, candle making, rosary making, cooking classes, computer training etc,.

A day care for the elderly is the other programme when their children are at  work and there is no one to take care of them during the day. They gather in the parish hall and it is a stage for them to express their talents to revitalize themselves as they recollect the  traditional dances and songs particularly belonging to their islands. Food, medical check-ups and outings are part of this program. An annual gathering is organized to encourage them to express their talents after which they are served a hearty meal.