A home for the integrated development of girls

The word ‘Pallavom’ means the ‘tender shoot’. It is something that needs nourishing and care.   Pallavom is a home for girls who need special care and protection whether it is training in skills for specially-abled young girls or whether it is the home for integrated development for girls. He we cater to the educational, physical, emotional and moral requirements of the beneficiaries.

Archbishop Joseph Attippetty Memorial Skill Training for Specially-abled

This is a training Centre for skills & various other development programmes that enhance their personality along with cultural training programmes for Specially-abled young girls. It is named after the holy and kind Archbishop Joseph Attippetty who had the great vision of economically empowering women in order to eradicate poverty and he always worked towards this goal. The girls are given training in sewing, cutting and tailoring, flower making, bag-making, beautician & make over training; dance & music; drawing and painting, flower making etc.

Our goal is to bring the best out of these talented girls and thus helping them to find one or two activities that can help them to earn for their livelihood and thus not to be a burden for their families. Side by side they are helped to find their identity through various personality development programmes and various entertainments